The Power of Narrative: A Conversation with Mohamed Amer

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Mohamed Amer, Ph.D., a multifaceted leader with experience in military service, corporate leadership, and academic research. In this episode of the "Advisory Board {INSIDER}" podcast, we explore the convergence of these diverse experiences and how they have shaped Mohamed's approach to advisory boards, leadership, and problem-solving.

We delve into Mohamed's time in the Navy, the lessons he learned there, and his transition to the business world. His journey is marked by self-discovery, taking advantage of opportunities, and following intriguing paths that opened up to him. Mohamed's work and research in organizations, leadership, strategy, and business-related subjects are central themes in our conversation. He shares his unique perspectives on how opportunities are co-created and how we influence our direction while embracing unexpected conversations and relationships. His views offer a refreshing take on decision-making and personal growth.

In addition to his professional and academic achievements, Mohamed's unique insights into language and words offer a profound understanding of how communication and storytelling actually shape our world—both in life and business. We discuss how language is not merely a tool for conveying information but a powerful mechanism for creating reality and influencing actions.

The insights gleaned from my conversation with Mohamed Amer have profound implications for advisory boards. His unique understanding of language and perspective, coupled with his diverse experience in leadership roles, offers a fresh approach to collaboration, decision-making, and strategic planning within advisory boards. Whether it's fostering effective communication, aligning goals, or navigating complex organizational challenges, Mohamed's wisdom provides actionable guidance for CEOs, advisory board members, and those supporting them. His approach emphasizes adaptability, empathy, and innovative thinking, all vital components for success in today's dynamic business environment.

Whether you're a business leader, founder, or someone serving as an advisor, you'll benefit from this engaging exploration of narrative, perspective, and leadership with Mohamed Amer. His wisdom transcends traditional boundaries, providing applicable insights across various professional landscapes. Tune in for an episode filled with wisdom, inspiration, and thought-provoking discussion.
Mohamed Amer, Ph.D.
Independent Board Member, Certified Chair
Technology & Strategic Communications Advisor

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Mohamed Amer
Mohamed Amer
PhD, Ind Board Member, Certified Advisory Chair
The Power of Narrative: A Conversation with Mohamed Amer
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