Leverage an Advisory Advantage for Future-Proofing with Mike Richardson

In this energetic and engaging episode, I have a fascinating conversation with Mike Richardson, an expert on agility and a member of the 4 AM club.

We explore Mike's journey from his early days building hovercrafts in school to working on a Shell oil rig and how these experiences shaped his understanding of agility.

Mike shares insights on staying within the green zone of organized chaos, the importance of innovation, and his powerful concept of "conversation flow to cash flow. "

We also discuss the value of different types of advisory boards and the importance of external input in future-proofing businesses, leadership, and careers. We discuss the essential elements of a successful advisory board and how to avoid common pitfalls.

We emphasize the importance of having a balanced mix of left and right-brain thinkers, as well as a tactical and strategic focus on both short-term and long-term goals. Additionally, we explore the concept of "future hunting" and the fringe and the importance of engaging with external perspectives to stay ahead of the curve. By understanding these key principles, businesses can effectively future-proof themselves and tackle uncertainties with confidence.

Join us on this enlightening journey and learn how to navigate the chaotic world we live in with agility and confidence.
Mike Richardson
Agility Expert, Coach & Facilitator
Peer Groups & Advisory Board Leader
Website: https://mikerichardson.live/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/agilityexpertmikerichardson/

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Tom Adams
Tom Adams
An Executive Coach, Tom Adams helps entrepreneurs & executives expand the vision of their lives so that they flourish & as a result, their businesses will too.
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson
Agility Expert, Coach & Facilitator, Peer Groups & Advisory Board Leader
Leverage an Advisory Advantage for Future-Proofing with Mike Richardson
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