Launching Purposeful Advisory Boards with Galvanizer Annette Taber

In this episode of the Advisory Board {INSIDER} podcast you'll meet Annette Taber, who has had an impressive career in technology products with such companies as Tech Data and the IT industry's major association, CompTIA. In this episode we explore Annette's early beginnings in fashion marketing, her experiences in modeling, and her decision to pursue a more structured career at Tech Data Corporation.

We delve into her transition from sales to operations and her subsequent moves up the corporate ladder. We talk about Annette's move to smaller companies and her time on the Board of Directors at CompTIA. She shares the career move to CompTIA and the strategic development of industry advisory boards at the technology association, combining industry leaders to solve problems collectively. Annette shares her behind-the-scenes process of building and managing these boards and establishing self-governance within them.

We also discuss her decision to move on from her position at CompTIA and create her new company, BoardSwap, which focuses on formalized advisory boards, project-based boards, and peer groups. We explore into the importance of understanding a company's needs and priorities before creating an advisory board, and the role of a Certified Chair in providing guidance.

Join me in this captivating conversation with Annette Taber to learn more about her incredible journey and the impact she continues to have.

Annette Taber
Founder & CEO, BoardSWAP
Certified Chair

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Launching Purposeful Advisory Boards with Galvanizer Annette Taber
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